Hongli Lai

Hongli Lai


I help businesses world-wide, such as Apple, to make their work more efficient and enjoyable, and to scale to millions of customers per day.

Fueled by curiosity, I started developing software when I was 12 years old. Several years later I first started running my own business. Today, I am using all the skills I've developed to help people all over the world.

In 2008, I co-founded Phusion, a tech company that has its office in Amsterdam. Phusion's mission is to provide quality technology, services and solutions to high-end companies. Our products, such as the Passenger application server, are used by more than 650.000 websites over the globe. As part of Phusion I've developed products, organized events, given consulting to customers, and nurtured employees to maximize their potential.

As an entrepreneur, I'm interested in the many facets of running a company, including but not limited to Product Development, Operations, Team Management, Business Development, Security, Data Protection, Marketing and Accounting. In addition, I love sharing my findings at industry conferences and meetups.

Some clients I've had the privilege to work with

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  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Intercom
  • NPO
  • Basecamp
  • LinkedIn
  • New Relic
  • Cigna
  • State of Oregon
  • Achmea

My ethos & philosophy

It's all about people, not technology

I believe that technology should serve humans instead of the other way around. You will find that the software I develop have a strong focus on UX and simplicity: my goal is to make people's lives easier and to help them enjoy their work to the fullest.

Read about my philosophy in my article Coding is not enough.

Hongli Lai

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