A while ago, the people from Fullstaq and I started the Fullstaq Ruby project: a Ruby distribution that's optimized for server use cases. Compared to normal MRI Ruby, Fullstaq Ruby uses 50% less memory, is faster, and is easier to install and security-patch because of RPM and DEB packages.

What's new?

Fullstaq Ruby is in beta. The initial release (epic 1) only came with the bare minimum.

I am happy to announce that epic 2 is now released. There is an APT and YUM repository to make installation and security-patching very easy. Epic 2 also includes the newly-released Ruby 2.6.4.

Third-party reviews and test results

The APT and YUM repo have already been beta tested by various people for about a month now, so we're confident that it's working fine. For example:

Get started

Head to the installation instructions to learn how to make use of the APT and YUM repositories:

Next up

Fullstaq Ruby is under active development. Please have a look at the roadmap to learn what's in store for the future.

Please also feel free to provide feedback via Twitter or Github.

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