EuRuKo 2019 – the largest Ruby conference in Europe, took place on the 21st and 22nd of June. I gave a talk on the 21st about what causes Ruby memory bloat (where I also reported new findings since I first blogged about the issue), as well as about Fullstaq Ruby. Fullstaq Ruby is a server-optimized Ruby distribution that's faster, uses less memory, and is easier to security-patch thanks to being distributed via RPMs and DEBs.

Yukihiro Matsumoto, Yuske Endoh, and myself
Yukihiro Matsumoto, Yuske Endoh, and myself

At EuRuKo, I had the honor of meeting Matsumoto Yukihiro (the creator of Ruby) as well as Yuske Endoh (Ruby contributor). We discussed the Ruby memory bloating issues, the impact of Jemalloc, and how Fullstaq Ruby might contribute to the Ruby ecosystem.

Mislav and myself
Rbenv maintainer Mislav Marohnić, and myself

I'm also happy have beers with Mislav Marohnić, maintainer of Rbenv. I made a minor change in Rbenv in order to support system-wide Rbenv Ruby installations. I'm hoping that this change can make its way back to upstream. Mislav has shown interest in supplying RPMs and DEBs for Rbenv, something which the Fullstaq Ruby project can help with.

All in all, EuRuKo was a lot of fun. the Ruby community is one of the friendliest communities. The hard work by the organizers, such as Floor and Rayta, contribute a lot to this spirit. It feels like a giant party for friends.