How to request customer interviews, Dutch edition

I previously blogged about and summarized the Lean Startup methodology and requesting customer interviews. But I was told my messages are too American. The ways Americans talk is too outgoing, flamboyant and over-the-top by Dutch and perhaps also German standards. It's probably also a bit too long. Seeing that my initial customer base will be based in the Netherlands, I will need to tone down and shorten my messages. Here's what I did.

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How to build a good company purpose?

It has often been stated by business consultants and startup advisors that a company should have a purpose beyond vision. Studies show that that result in more motivated and loyal customers and employees. As Simon Sinek said: people don’t buy or follow what you do, but why you do it.

I agree. That was the easy part. But how do you actually define a good purpose? People need to feel that your purpose is aligned with their own values, and a purpose statement needs to balance many different things for many different people.

This post documents the start of my journey in an attempt to find answers.

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How Red Hat and New Relic market to developers

Red Hat and New Relic are some of the most interesting companies out there. We all know how big Red Hat is. New Relic is an application monitoring tool company that sped past all its competitors in its early days and achieved IPO. In 2015 the company had a monthly revenue of $29 million, with a year-on-year revenue growth of 69%. What do these tech giants have in common? Their marketing strategy.

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