How to request customer interviews, Dutch edition

I previously blogged about and summarized the Lean Startup methodology and requesting customer interviews. But I was told my messages are too American. The ways Americans talk is too outgoing, flamboyant and over-the-top by Dutch and perhaps also German standards. It's probably also a bit too long. Seeing that my initial customer base will be based in the Netherlands, I will need to tone down and shorten my messages. Here's what I did.

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Practices of modern application management and delivery, part 1

The development and deployment of modern apps is very different from how it used to be. Networked applications are now very common. Development at scale is now common: hundreds of developers working on a system, which may be split into many microservices. Deployment at scale is now also common: apps serving millions of users. Various practices emerged, or became popular, to deal with these new challenges. I've learned many practices over the past decade, but resources that describe these practices appear to be scattered. This post is an attempt to inventorize the various practices that are used for the development, deployment and management of modern apps.

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Should non-EU websites ban EU visitors under the GDPR?

On 2018 May 25, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will start being enforced. The GDPR defines strict rules on how personal data should be handled. But there is a lot of fear and controversy about the GDPR from people worldwide. With the controversial concepts, the compliance overhead and hefty multi-million fines, is it a good idea for non-EU companies to simply ban all EU visitors from accessing their websites?

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